Website and Application Hosting

UG-Online (based out of Charlotte, NC) can provide secure, flexible and reliable hosting solutions for any size business.  Web sites for small "start-ups", to large corporations will all benefit by being connected to a world-class network infrastructure and monitored by certified system engineers.  And to eliminate any single point of failure, all hosted web sites and other hosted solutions utilize multiple carriers.  Ask about discounts for those who pay one year or more in advance.  In addition, we offer volume discounts to web design firms who need a place to host their web sites.

Why Host Your Site with UG-Online?

All servers are connected to the Internet backbone via multiple redundant T3s providing your site with the fastest connection to the Internet!
Web server up-time has exceeded 99.9%, which means our clients' sites have been down for less than 20 minutes over the last 3+ years!  Multiple T-1 redundancy via AT&T/UUNet will ensure that your site stays up and experiences no down time due to network outages.  For instance, if one network provider's trunk-line goes down, your site will be re-routed to another provider's network to keep your site up and online.

Standard Functionality
You'll find that most of our plans are equipped, not stripped, providing our clients with industrial strength applications and support.
Plus, most plans include one FREE hour of maintenance per month for updates or additions.

24 x 7 active monitoring of server and resources 365 days a year in a fire-proof data center. All web servers are housed in a state of the art, climate controlled environment with power backups plus daily and weekly data backup and storage.   Also, all data is backed-up off-site to protect against loss of data due to natural disasters.

Where else can you get so much quality and functionality for such a competitive price? You are probably asking how we can offer all of this for such a cost-effective price, the answer is easy; we spend very little money on advertising. Most of our business is generated through referrals from our happy customers. Since we don't have a huge advertising budget like a lot of other companies, we're able to pass the savings on to you.


Web Site Hosting Options

Shared hosting
Shared web hosting is an economical, flexible web solution for both individuals and small to medium-sized businesses looking to establish an Internet presence. UG-Online shared hosting options significantly reduce the cost of getting started on the web by allowing multiple web sites to reside on a single server that is connected to our high-speed T-3 Internet backbone. Powered by state-of-the-art technology, your web site will be protected with secure servers, a world-class network infrastructure and certified system administrators.  And for our client's, we offer UNIX, NT, and Linux servers.

Dedicated hosting
Our dedicated hosting plans are for businesses with complex and mission-critical requirements, and/or high traffic demands.  Our dedicated hosting plans provide each client with a complete web hosting solution including all of the hardware, software, network equipment and support necessary to keep the web site up and running smoothly. Dedicated hosting offers a significant number of advantages to our clients in addition to those received in our shared hosting plans, including:


Server-related problems are reduced since the client's web site is located on its own server.

End users accessing web sites residing on dedicated servers will see improved response times and significantly faster loading web pages.

We can custom configure the client's server or servers to their needs, plus install proprietary software if needed.

Clients will benefit from larger data storage resources and greater processing abilities.


Co-located hosting
Clients who own their own servers, can co-locate their servers with us in a secure, monitored, and climate-controlled environment.  This cost-effective option will allow clients to take advantage of our world-class network infrastructure at a fraction of the cost it would take to do this in-house.  Clients can have remote and physical access to their servers.  In addition, we have plans that include server maintenance utilizing our certified system administrators for clients who do not have in-house server administrators.  Clients will rest easy knowing that we treat every co-located server as if it was one of ours.

Application hosting

Centralize your data and make your backend office applications available to your global or mobile users by allowing us to run your applications on our fast and secure servers hosted by UG-Online.  For example, we can host a large MS SQL Server® database or your accounting software such as QuickBooks®, just to name a couple.

UG-Online also offers J2EE hosting plans for enterprise developers who want to rapidly develop and easily maintain, information-rich, dynamic web applications that leverage existing business systems. Universal Graphics offers several plans to accomplish almost any enterprise level web application task.  The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is for both independent software vendors and enterprise developers who want to fully realize the benefits of Java on the server. UG-Online uses Sun Microsystems' servers, as well as standard application servers; combined with iPlanet Enterprise Web Servers and iPlanet Directory Servers. The following are the primary technologies used in the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition:

    • Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB)
    • JavaServer Pages
    • Servlets
    • JDBC
    • JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface)
    • JTA (Java Transaction API)
    • Java IDL (Interface Definition Language)
    • Java Messaging Service

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